Make Your Own Homemade Sports Drink Without Artificial Elements

Make Your Own Homemade Sports Drink Without Artificial Elements

When I discovered the reality about the active ingredients in Gatorade or Powerade, I quickly began making a homemade sports drink!

I haven’t drank Gatorade in years even though I’m still an extremely active individual and also love to workout. The truth is, the elements in both Gatorade as well as Powerade are rubbish as well as this info has to be discussed. For myself, I make use of coconut water or fresh made juice as it it hydrates me as well as restores my electrolytes just great.

I think its disgusting that 40 years ago researchers were paid by certain sports beverage companies to tell us we wouldn’t be able to hydrate ourselves with just ordinary water and that our kids did not drink enough throughout meals, or that our efficiency would drop off during sporting occasions if we didn’t drink this synthetically flavored, colored sodium water.

I think its ridiculous that some medical professionals still advise these horrible drinks that contain synthetic substances, to father and mothers with unwell children.

This simply makes me insane with what they are pushing on everyone. Gatorade & Powerade beverages contain GMOs, fabricated food dyes, and artificial additives. Appears tasty, does not it? I’ll pass! This homemade sports drink, however, has none, just real, all-natural elements that you recognize and can pronounce! And, it’s perfect to have after being in the sunlight all day, this will certainly hydrate you quickly as well as give you a serious dose of nutrition!

Lets talk about the nutritional aspects of this homemade sports drink to give you an idea of just how powerful it is. This beverage has a little bit more fruit juice than I normally would suggest for green drinks, the reason being that you’ll be drinking this after you have shed a lot of calories, and also lost electrolytes and sweat! If you really feel that’s too much fruit juice in your homemade sports drink, simply cut the fruit elements in half.

Watermelon: has a high water content for hydrating you fast and also lycopene that aids in safeguarding your skin from way too much sun direct exposure.

Green Apple: delivers potassium and also magnesium that aids with headaches connected to dehydration.

Cucumber: One of the best veggies for all-natural hydration.

Celery: An all-natural resource of salt, potassium, magnesium, chloride, and also phosphorus.

Orange: A high dosage of vitamin C that aids in enhancing the immune system.

Romaine: An additional wonderful dose of magnesium to assist in avoiding dehydration and some calcium for bone health.

Sports Drink Elements

one green apple – cored
one cup seedless watermelon – chopped
half of a cucumber
2 stalks of celery
one orange – peeled
2 cups cut up romaine lettuce

Make Your Drink

First, of course, wash all your fruits and vegetables in water and also place into a big dish. Place all your substances in your juicer. And also, clean up your juicer right after making your drink. That’s it, you’re all set to take pleasure in and renew!

Make sure you constantly make use of organic ingredients whenever feasible for your homemade sports drink.

If you have a few friends that are still drinking the Gatorade or Powerade rubbish, welcome them over and simply make this for them. Have them experience what a real organic sports drink tastes like, they’ll be hooked!


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