The Best BulletProof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee will create a fat burning furnace in your body. Bulletproof coffee has gone viral right now as coffee is the number one consumed drink in the world and it isn’t going anywhere. So, why not consume the healthiest possible coffee that you can?

Bulletproof coffee, is very healthy for you and will help you easily burn fat all day long. Let me give you the recipe for how to make bulletproof coffee and how it will help you burn fat throughout the day.

Brew or buy the coffee of your choice. Pour your hot coffee in a blender. Next, add 1-2 tablespoons of grass fed butter or raw butter by a trusted farmer or online resource and 1-2 tablespoons of cold processed virgin coconut oil and then blend. You will be amazed at what this produces, the most amazing tasting cup of coffee you have ever enjoyed!

If you wanted, you could add a creamer to top it off and blend that in for 10 seconds, although I find you don’t need it. Make sure if you do this, that’s it’s a creamer that has no more than a few carbs. The goal is to have no to very little carbohydrates throughout the day!

Great tasting to the last drop!


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